Posted: August 24, 2015 4:16pm

After my consultation at Dr Lancer I am now even more wary of going in the sun. I  was on the beach for a couple of hours on Saturday with factor 50 and I still burned. One reason for this is I have stopped taking the Imedeen pills that prepare your skin for the sun. I wanted to see if there was a difference and there was- I burned!

So I am back on Imedeen but I need to be careful for a couple of weeks to allow my skin to build up its resistance. With all the bronzed limbs around there is no way I could go cold turkey…

I booked in for a spray tan.

In typical LA fashion you don’t call, you book on line, and off I went to Bronzed.

2013-01-18 16.43.09


The therapist was so thorough!  You have a menu you can choose from- I went for the Express tan which is ready in three hours. Normally I come out sticky but not with Bronzed, they have all these tricks so that you come out glowing. The tan leaves your skin with a  divine sheen, which means no down time or having to wear loose clothes.

You wait 3 hours and then shower it off so I was good to go out. This is how the tan looked that evening for our dinner at the amazing Spago in Beverly Hills.

2013-01-24 19.49.39

The next morning the colour had developed so beautifully and so evenly- it is by far the best one I have ever had.

2013-01-25 08.09.43


2013-01-25 08.09.52
This is what I call bed head!!


If you are in California head to Bronzed Air Brush Tanning  and I will let you know where you can find their products. They are launching in New York soon.


The pyjamas are from Sleepy Jones- they are super light weight and comfortable and Net a Porter are stocking them now.

2013-01-30 16.13.24

2013-01-30 16.13.38

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Bronzed opens in London soon; in the meantime my suitcase will be full of their tan extendor!


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