Posted: July 10, 2017 10:27am

Over a dinner last week my friends and I embraced nostalgia and some of our first fashion memories.  Most of all, we had warm memories of our ‘tarty tops’,  Don’t get alarmed, it all seems so tame now, but back in the day, a skin tight body or a shoulder revealing top was our ‘go to’ going out look.

It still remains one of my favourite evening looks.  I think we are all a bit fatigued of the flouncy, ruffle tops, they’re gorgeous but not sexy.

Alexander Wang crop top

Fashion nowadays has got a bit shapeless, oversized and sometimes errs in the direction of clothes a 5 year old should be wearing.  I hold my hands up, I am at the forefront all things oversized!

alexander wang cropped top

Then I saw Sinead in this tie top shirt from Alexander Wang.  She wore it over a high waist skirt and, my God, did she look sexy!  I ordered it straight away and it is now on sale from Net a Porter.  Whilst it may be sexy, as I am now over 40 I have to cut back on the tarty.  This top has finished off so many outfits from high waist trousers to skirts, there is nothing this shirt does not add an alluring edge to.  I have found it reduced down to £60 on Saks (there are taxes though if ordering into the UK) and I ordered mine from Coggles as I wanted the long sleeve version.


Sorry about the grumpy face, my kids were literally tearing chunks off each other in the background.

Alexander Wang cropped shirt

Be it in the Summer with denim shorts or in the Autumn with jeans, here are the grown up tops to consider now.

If showing your tummy is not your thing then check out these TOME shirts, now 70% off, which give you  the best back cleavage opportunities, one with a tie detail one without.



Check out this top from Bash (thank you Jo for sharing).  It is fitted and the back detailing is hot!  I also love this crop top from Tara Jarmon or this one.  I am sorely temped by this Berardi top, also now 70% off.  I love this top from Rosetta Getty, it will kick start your Autumn.  Check out this body too.  I even found an Equipment camisole on sale.  Then on Matches I fell in love with a Roland Mouret top, they choice is endless, be it your tummy, shoulders or back choose one feature you love and embrace it.



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