Posted: October 13, 2018 12:02pm

I am no expert, but at 48 I have to work hard to stop gravity taking its course.

Lines and wrinkles don’t bother me but a sagging jaw, pigmentation and dull skin does.

This year I am trying to shop less and invest more time in grooming.  It is an old fashioned concept but every one knows that when your hair and skin is behaving you just feel better about yourself.  It is all about a good canvas, as the older I get, the less make up I wear.

I now feel that a simple facial just doesn’t cut it any more.  Generally I find that the short term improvement just doesn’t last.  I also have very little time and if I take a couple of hours out then I want long term results.

One of my readers recommended Teresa Tarmey and I nearly didn’t go.  I was worried that it would be all hype given her celebrity following and I was also a bit put off by the price tag.  Teresa has a brilliant reception team who are organised.  The lovely lady had to call me three times as we kept missing each other, most places just don’t bother to keep trying and leave it to you to chase.


I booked in for the TT Signature facial which costs £120.  This can be upgraded to an advanced treatment if required.

After examining my skin the therapist came up with a plan of action to deal with all my concerns from my roscea to the veins around my nose as well as my pigmentation.

I had a lactic peel and then  an extraction, so many places cannot be bothered to do this step.

Agata used IPL to remove the veins around my nose and fade my pigmentation and Clear Lift Laser to work on my roscea and sagging.  She explained everything as she went, so I understood what she was doing.  Most places make you sign up to a course of treatments whereas I prefer the mix and match approach that Teresa and her team employ.  I am impatient and I want to see results!


At the end I went under the LED phototherapy light.  I came out glowing and best of all I am still glowing a week later.  The veins are gone around my nose and my skin tone has improved.  I have had a lot of laser before but it didn’t have any real effect on my pigmentation.

I have booked in for November where they are going to target my decolotage and neck and also finalise the treatment on my roscea and pigmentation.

There was no hard sell on products either but during the treatment I was given so many tips, and I have taken some on board.  I learned to use glycolic pads which helps to exfoliate your skin so your products active ingredients work better.


I also learned not to over moisturise.  I use Vitamin C in the morning and retinol in the evening.  Sometimes my skin can feel a bit tight.  I was advised to just hold tight on too much moisturising and allow my skin to adjust itself.  By using too many heavy creams and oils you can make your skin lazy and it stops working at its optimum.

I also love the attitude to products which was to finish what you have first and then the therapists are happy to advise you on what would work best for your skin.

The advance TT treatment cost me £220 and it was worth every penny.  I came away glowing with a plan of action and it has reaffirmed my conviction to stop buying more creams, as the £30 here and there, all add up.

That was the key for me – the PLAN OF ACTION.  I now feel like I am in good hands and not just being pushed to sign up for more courses of expensive treatments.  It is all about a natural healthy look, so you need as little make up as possible because your skin should be in such good glowing condition.

If you cannot get to the clinic check out her microneedling kit and cryo-ball.  They used the latter on me and I am going to put it on my Christmas list.  Brilliant for de-puffing your eyes and just waking up your skin.

I paid full price for my own treatments and thank you to Claire for recommending Teresa and her team.


If you want to read more then check out Trinny’s video on her treatment which is really informative (I’m actually addicted to her skincare videos).  It’s worth making a cup of tea and settling down to watch.  Next week I’m looking at botox, fillers and profhilo.


57 Holland Road, Kensington
London, W14 8HL
020 3561 3479



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