Posted: October 31, 2014 9:20am

I am not one of those people who enjoys organizing children’s parties but both my children love parties , the bigger the better in their eyes so I have to really pull out all the stops !

For years we have used Mr Marvel an amazing entertainer but turning seven and brainwashed by the X Factor, my lovely son announced he wanted a Karoke Disco.

A friend recommended Popstarz and what an amazing tip. From start to finish a great experience .

They had to entertain boys and girls and the age range was from three to ten,no easy  feat and with it being a Saturday afternoon, I wanted the parents to have a good time too.






My son loved it, his friends loved it and I have to say my friends and I enjoyed ourselves.


Who had more fun the kids or us!!



The proud parents,cannot believe how Anthony got through this with a slipped disc






The venue was also fantastic, we used the Alice House on Salusbury Road. the room is perfect as you get a room for the children and also a seperate area for the adults to sit down and chat.  The staff worked so hard to make the experience really special and the food was really good, not often the case at most of the childrens parties I have been to.








I am wearing another jumpsuit,this one is from a great french brand Eric Bomparte , this brand does the most beautiful cashmere at great prices.

I know its a kids party but it feels like a milestone and I definitly want to dress up!

The white trainers are from Sandro, I love these as they are a more formal take on the trainer and there is no way I could wear heels at a kids party.

The bag is Celine, another fabulous preloved find from Vestaire  .













Please share with me any great Jumpsuits you have come across !

And Enjoy Halloween, we are all so excited in the Gee household!

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