Posted: August 2, 2016 8:46am

Instagram is still obsessed with these Ukrainian folk dresses.  It started with Vita Kin and there are so many other versions available but most are still a fortune and are so heavy to wear.

I have to admit that I love these folk dresses as I can throw it over and run, like a glorious , embroidered sack. They suit everyone and once you have one, you will wonder how you survived before. I felt like I was a slave to fashion by buying in but these dresses really work.  The great thing about these pieces, is that you can wear them back home, so it is not just another holiday dress to be pulled out once or twice a year.

Emma Bigger
Emma Bigger

Ukranian Folk Dress by Emma Bigger very Vita- Kin

I bought my first one from Girl of the Sun, last year it is heavy and I have worn it more in the UK . I wanted a shorter lighter version and bought this one from Emma Bigger after seeing it on Instagram, on the gorgeous Erica Davies.

VIta-Kin Folk Dress affordable

With the advent of Instagram we can see something we love but that is either sold out or just  not affordable and be sure within months some clever stylist will have reproduced it.

Affordable folk dresses very Vita-Kin

It is really a folk dress as it has the lovely detailing on the arms and the tassels are finished beautifully. The linen is stiff but not too heavy so will not swelter.

Folk Dress by Emma Bigger Vita-Kin

Emma is a stylist and luckily lives around the corner from me, so before I headed away she kindly popped over. I wanted one dress but ended up buying two.  These will be perfect holiday dress but I will wear it to remind me of the holidays in September . Her price point is fair at £250 for a short dress, she also can make the longer version and stocks blouses too.

Vita- Kin folk dress on a budget

You can email Emma to order on: and she can send you images of the various colour ranges and styles.

Thinking about the next big thing? Any idea, have you found something which keeps popping up.. I think I will be investing in a pouch, drawstring bag, love to know what you are all spotting.



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