Posted: June 4, 2019 12:10pm

Some call them belt bags, and others fanny packs – there are so many names, but it is with good reason that these bags have transcended traditional fashion time limits. To me they are synonymous with American tourists, but there is more to them which keeps them perennially popular.

For me its the security aspect, I am so easily distracted when I am out shopping and the ability to keep my phone, wallet and sunglasses on my person is a necessity.

Don’t get foxed into anything too small, you’ll need enough space to fit your phone, small wallet, keys and a lip balm.

My favourites are the following:

  1. Longchamp, the leather and finish is as good as any top designer brand, but at £120 they win with affordability.
  2. Aurora London, the new belt bag is so flexible and beautifully finished.

Other places to look are:

  1. Rebel Style, their simple black one retails at just £15.
  2. The Chanel one above is available at Jolie Closet, a great french Preloved Site. The white Chanel is from Ebay.
  3. Urban Outfitters is another brilliant place to look for well-priced options.

I am really happy with my Longchamp bag and it is a classic style that will stand the test of time.

If you would prefer a smaller version then I would go with the Aurora London option, it can be worn in so many different ways and the leather is as good as Prada.


Check out our YouTube video to learn more on Belt Bags!


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