Posted: May 9, 2016 7:15am

I have spoken about this trench before, I was trying to hold out until the sales started but after trying on all the midi trenches on the Highstreet and the Preloved Shops, nothing compared  to the Tara Jarmon one.

I bought it and I just love wearing it, it is like the Marant piece, called the Garnett, I bought last year, it goes with everything.

Tara Jarmon, is now online and please check them out, this is not a sponsored post , though it should be, as I have  spoken about them so much. The brand is still under the radar and is always worth checking out.

I love that they seem to capture the trends and the cut is very feminine and the materials are the best out there .

Tara Jarmon Midi Trench Coat

So why did I choose this one and not a Burberry ? Well it is the softer more fluid fabric which is so much more comfortable to wear. It is also that gorgeous shade of off white that is so flattering to the skin.

Tara Jarmon Trench Coat

The Perfect Trench COat

The perfect trench by Tara JarmonI tend to wear it casually but I would wear it over a summer dress too and as it is not too heavy so  I tend to wear it more.

Otherwise I think trenches can be too cold in the winter and too warm in the Spring and Summer.  It looks great over joggers, jeans and shorts . In reality it is the scrumptious colour that really sets it apart , it is exactly the same hue as clotted cream.

Check out Tara Jarmon, to find the trench online . I have gather a few other options, for you to check out.


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