Posted: May 3, 2022 10:44am

The best white t-shirt

The older I get the more important the basics, such as the perfect white t-shirt, becomes.

I have truly become a creature of habit and I no longer get dressed up unless I have to.  I probably wear a white t-shirt 70% of the time!

You would think with something so simple it would be easy to get it right but I have bought so many dreadful ones over the years.

There are no short cuts and you HAVE to try them on!!

All I can do is give you is a few areas to consider:

  • If you buy a crew neck, make sure it is no higher than the collar bone
  • A deep V is uniformly flattering
  • The fabric should not be too thin or too thick; always make sure your underwear is not visible
  • There should be give in the fabric; anything too heavy adds inches
  • Check the length; I split mine between ones that are long enough to hide the camel when I have leggings on, and a shorter length that works better with jeans and joggers
  • Make sure that the arms are not too tight, a looser fit which is longer in length is more flattering
  • The t-shirt should skim your body; if it clings it is best avoided

Check out the Dries van Noten t-shirt below, modelled with a pair of Frame Le Flare jeans:

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My all time favourite is definitely from Dries van Noten, I bought mine in the sale so put them on your WISH LIST.  I have also just fallen in love with the long sleeve one from Tkees, it is just so soft and perfect over shorts as pictured below.

The best white t-shirt

I bought the v neck Lou Lou studio one to wear over jeans as it is shorter in the body.

These are t-shirts I have bought myself, they work on me and they are in a medium throughout.

DRIES VAN NOTEN Cotton jersey T-shirt
Dries Van Noten
Lou Lou Studio

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