Posted: April 15, 2016 8:16am

I know it is a bit of a fashion cliché  and I am not sure if they are age appropriate but I love dungarees. My kids and husband hate them but I preserve, rightly or wrongly they make me feel young.

I am always on the lookout for other similar looks and the boiler suit is one that I have embraced for 2016.

The Frame Denim one, I am wearing below was a mid Winter purchase, I saw it tried it on and had to have it. I felt sexy in it and I love the off white colour. There is definitely a touch of Saturday Night Fever about this.

Frame Boiler Suit

A lot of women I speak to, don’t like jumpsuits as they are notoriously baggy but a great fitting boiler suit, is very feminine and a great way to dress up , if you are not such a dress or skirt fan.

Frame Denim Boiler Suit

This look is best figure hugging and the denim in this Frame one, has enough elastic in it to pull me in on the tummy area and lift at the ass!

Frame Denim Boiler Suit

I adore that you can button or unbutton as  low as you dare . I adore this bag it is by Furla and the perfect crossbody.

Frame Denim Boiler Suit

I have paired this with my Isabel Marant Garnett , trench this is one of the best pieces I bought last year.

Isabel Marant has reissued it in black this year, this is something to snap up now as the price point is so reasonable for this brand.

Trends 2016 The Bolier Suit

Isabel Marant Garnett trench

I want to share this look, as I struggle to find pieces that I want to wear on a night out. It is so tempting just to throw on a pair of jeans but if I am out on the town ( ok doesn’t happen that often anymore) , I want to make an effort and give those 30 year olds a run for their money !

This boiler suit is called Le Mechanic and is from last season but you will find the trouser version on sale at Matches . There is an exquisite Valentino one on sale also at Matches. The Stella McCartney one is one to look out for in the Sale .  Topshop have a great one too, which I have featured before.

The one I have my eye on, is called the Sadie from Donna Ida, you can have the back customized and I love the fit.

Wishing you all a great weekend and after weeks of moving hell( still have loads of boxes  to go) I am going to get dressed and head out this weekend .


Anne Marie





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