Posted: January 30, 2015 3:16pm

I was chatting today with my friend Deborah about the fact that though we both have enough clothes to set up our own Emporium, we seem to still live in the same cashmere sweaters.

At this time of year when it is so cold outside, there is simply nothing better.

These days  you can get really well priced cashmere and I have found some great pieces in places such as Zara, Boden ,& Other Stories, Uniqlo, Topshop Vintage  or second hand on Ebay .

Topshop Cashmere


My top buy has been  this striped sweater from  Madeleine Thompson I found it in the wonderful boutique Viola. 

This sweater is so soft and cut so well, I love that it breaks up black , this is a classic I will have for ever. I will bring it away with me in Spring to layer over shorts in the evening.

It does not loose its shape and also it doesn’t pile.

Madeleine Thompson Cashmere


I also cannot recommend these Theory cashmere joggers,  I am wearing above highly enough, I wear them all the time, both with trainers or heels and they have not sagged. They do not have a tie which I prefer as it gives a cleaner line and they tend to stretch less.

Other great well priced alternatives are from Boden, 360 Sweater  and Chinti & Parker.

Cashmere Sweatpants from Chinti
Cashmere Sweatpants from Chinti & Parker in the sale

I think a pair of cashmere pants are a real investment, now is a great time to buy  as they are all in the sale, this is a grown up version of the jogger which I know you will live in.

These adidas trainers are by Pharrell and made of really soft cloth and I think are ligher to wear than the leather version. They are mens so go down a half size.

B25401_01_standard (1)
Adidas by Pharrell












I have selected some other great cashmere options to keep you warm! We have avoided snow in London but thinking of you where it is snowing .

One of the great brands below is Eric Bompart, this is so well known in France and they do such beautiful pieces so worth checking out online. Rosie Sugden does the most beautiful cashmere hats.

Rosie Sugden hat








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