Posted: April 13, 2016 9:03am

At this time of year, I am itching to wear my summer clothes but here in London, there is still a real chill in the air. I spotted a lot of the bloggers throwing an oversized sweater over there summer clothes. This look is a bit done, so I was looking for a new spin. I became obsessed by finding a great cricket sweater, not too tight or not too oversized. I found the perfect one from Ralph Lauren on Ebay . I was inspired by the Acne one but wanted something a lot more affordable.

I adore pieces you can wear over everything and this sweater looks as good with jeans as it does over a dress or shorts.

Cricket sweater chic

I love that contrast of the manliness of the sweater with a girly skirt or dress, it adds an edge and it is a classic piece.

The cricket Sweater

Make sure you choose an oversized sweater and this one is a light weight wool.

Cricket Sweater

I have worn it so often now with jeans but it will look even better with shorts.

Cricket Sweater

The Cricket Sweater

There are so many options on Ebay , check out Topshop, and another one from Topshop , ASOS and by far the best option and one I would have bought is this amazing sweater from We are All and at twenty pounds it is a real bargain.

Sorry about the short posts, so much still to do with the move . I am so happy with the house but we have so much to do, you just forget what moving entails!



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