Posted: October 7, 2016 11:20am

I struggle with dresses, as I hate tights and dresses throw up way too many questions, when you get dresses at 6.00 AM.

Sometimes JEANS WONT DO, we all know when you are faced with going somewhere and there is that last minute panic. I also feel if I got the right dress, it would be easy to wear and comfy.

Noreen Goodwin, is always ahead of the trends and below,  is a dress she bought last year,  it is  exactly, what I am hunting down. It is vintage and in my eye the perfect dress, it is warm, being cold normally puts me off wearing a dress in Winter, I love the length and the fit makes it easy to dress down with trainers or up, with a pair of heels.

The perfecect Day Dress

The midi dress

This is a dress you can throw on and layer with a polo neck underneath and you are dressed, no worrying about what coat to wear, which I always find hard with dresses. It has pockets and Noreen, had it altered to fit beautifully, I spoken about how alterations are the key to making vintage work.

The Perfect Dress




So there it is, the coat dress, that is easy dressing at its best! Just throw on and go. Thank you Noreen for sharing, I am currently trying to persuade her to allow us to have another look in her amazing wardrobe.

The Midi Dress

Obviously finding a vintage option is best,  check out Oxfam UK, I have found the best day dresses and ordered two.  Check out Overdress Vintage and Etsy, I love the shop Just Vintage . Check out Karen Millen too for great midi dresses and  Tome.

asos green velvet midi

Check out this velvet midi dress from ASOS, which is my top tip and I have ordered it . As soon as my Oxfam dresses arrive, I will share them.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend !


Anne Marie





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