Posted: September 8, 2016 6:21am

I just love my 7  for all Mankind denim jacket, I never believed the adage that items get better with age but this jacket does. I love that it is slightly distressed, longer in length and fitted and it goes with everything.  A denim jacket is something worth hunting down and buying the best you can get your hands on. At this time of year it works perfectly as a throw over.

When I bought this jacket I felt bad spending so much money but I have worn it non stop for years . Last year I had it monogrammed by Hand and Lock.

Best Denim Jacket The hems are unfinished and the arms cut slightly shorter and it has no collar which means it sits better .

Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket the best  7 for All Mankind reissue the jacket every year so you can pick one up preloved at Rebelle or Farfetch have the white version in sale at the moment.

The other great denim jacket was one I spied in the wardrobe of Noreen Goodwin, it is from Earl Jeans and it is the perfect shade of blue and I love the fit and finish.


The perfect Denim jacket

Noreen Goodwin

Noreen has had this jacket for years and like my one it is only getting better with wear. I have found lots of Earl Jean denim jackets on Ebay from £10 .

Looking at all the bloggers, I can see denim jackets with a fur addition popping up everywhere, I spotted this glorious one echoing this trend at the Brand Outlet, now down to £56

So if you have a denim jacket in your wardrobe, get it out and just throw it over any outfit.

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