Posted: November 6, 2015 7:29am

With statement bags costing the same as a small car, I love the idea of bringing back a bag that was huge and somehow lost its place.

In the last of the series of our feature with Noreen Goodwin, we picked up her idea of bringing back the Dior   Saddlebag.

It is a great shape for the evening and is reasonable now as it has fallen out of favour.

2015-09-18 10.48.30

2015-09-18 10.48.32

2015-09-18 10.26.52

These bags are pieces of art and you don’t see them on any one else. That is why Noreen is such a fashionista, in the true sense of the word.

She is happy to take risks and go her own way . The Fendi baguette has seen a resurgence – I think the saddlebag is next.

So get in while you can, and with prices starting at sixty pounds on eBay, this is a trend that is affordable . Obviously the rarer the piece the higher the price but it is still a fraction of some of the other designer bags.

Lets be honest- if it is good enough for Ms Goodwin and Carrie Bradshaw, it is good enough for me! I am dreaming of stumbling across the pink confection below!


This is one bag you will currently find lots of on all the preloved sites and in the preloved shops.



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