Posted: October 11, 2018 7:49am

I seldom get to head to the actual shops as I am too busy clearing wardrobes and selling the contents, however, I do try to get out properly once a week and thanks to my ever patient friend Jo, sometimes inspiration strikes…

A ‘uniform’ is great, but sometimes you need something a little glorious as it is often those risky pieces that end up being the showstoppers.

After trailing through Selfridges, the only piece that really made us stop in our tracks was an embellished sweater from Oscar de la Renta.


We loved the fit, colour and obviously the embellishment.  It is the grown up girls version of the leopard print skirt, sequin dress or slogan t-shirt.  Even though I love all these trend items I feel that I want something different.

Obviously this sweater is not a feasible option given the cost but I have managed to track down similar pieces.  Anything that has a whiff of novelty or Christmas is to be avoided and look for workmanship.

I bought the one below, which is from No 21, 4 years ago.  I love the clash of the simple wool knit with the extravagance of the sequins.  Slogan knitwear and rainbows have come and gone in my wardrobe but this sweater has stood the test of time.  I am wearing it dressed down here but I often wear it with a simple pair of jeans and nude heels in the evening.  I found the hat version in grey on a preloved site as well as a very similar sweater to the one below, but in black, from No 21 on Vestiaire.


DSC_0040 - Copy

DSC_0043 - Copy


I spotted a grey angora version from No 21 on Ebay which is new, retailed as £500, and now bidding at £20!



On the other end of the price spectrum there is a new one, and almost identical to the one I am wearing.  Actually I think it is more beautiful as it is  slightly more oversized.


The pieces featured below, are from Couture Community.  The sweater is still online and I have added the link below to the slider.



I hit the jackpot on the brilliant preloved site The Real Real, they have 20% off at the moment which will go a long way to cover the custom charges.  I have added loads of great preloved gems to check out below. I also spotted a few great vintage pieces from Zara which are exquisite and so affordable.  You only need one breathtaking one so wait for the one that works for you.

Keep the rest of the outfit simple, jeans look best!



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