Posted: September 13, 2019 1:23pm

I am time poor and I don’t have a lot of time to go for ‘feel good’ facials so the hour has to actually achieve something.

Living in Central London means that you have to put up with a lot of pollution, this takes a toll on your skin, however, after the summer my skin felt really congested from all that sun cream, sweat etc.. and I felt like none of my serums were being properly absorbed.

The Envy facial does three things at once:

  1. The diamond head exfoliates all the dead skin from the surface
  2. At the same time the suction extracts all the build up from deep into the second layer of your skin
  3. Simultaneously, as the skin is cleaned, serums are pumped into the skin, in my case moisture in the form of hyaluronic acid, but there are other options for skin brightening or acne.

In simple terms it is a like pushing the reset button for your skin and you are left with clean unclogged canvas.  It is one of those treatments that you can also use on the eye and lip area as well.  My lips in particular were so flaky and after the treatment they felt so much better and looked a lot plumper.

There is no marking post treatment and I left with plump glowing skin but also with the knowledge that all my serums will now work better as my skin is squeaky clean.  It also has a long lasting effect of stimulating your cells to produce more collagen.  Check out the amount of dirt that was locked in my skin below – the fluid went in clear and came out riddled with gunk.

We have all read about those ‘Red Carpet Facials’ and in the past I have tried a few but the Envy facial is by far the most effective that i have ever had.  It is fantastic to know that this was not just a temporary effect but I had really cleansed and stimulated my skin.

I love that in one quick session my skin was exfoliated, pores cleaned out, a deep surge of moisture poured into my skin and at the same time my skin cells were stimulated to produce more collagen.  My serum now just melts into my skin and also my make up looks much better too as my skin is much smoother.

I think having a knowledgeable dermatologist is so important.  In the past I was always very random. if I looked in the mirror and my skin looked dull, I would hot-foot it to places such as Space NK (which I still love) and try and resolve my concerns with another product.   I would now rather save up and have a medical grade facial such as Envy as I know that it will have longer term results.

A good dermatologist will also work out a plan which works for your budget and time restraints and it is also important to get proper advice on what treatments should be done, when, and in what order.

I use Dr Surbhi Virmani, she is honest, happy to work to a budget and her prices are the fairest on the market. This treatment cost £125 and hand on heart is the most effective facial I have ever had. I combined mine with 20 minutes under the Dermalux light which cost an extra £25 to heal my skin which was a bit irritated, by too much sun over the Summer. I understand that it is difficult to make that decision to switch to a different practitioner and I would never recommend someone or a treatment that I didn’t think made a huge difference.


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