Posted: May 14, 2015 7:12am

I really don’t look after my bags, and when I discovered the Handbag Clinic I was so delighted to be able to send off my most abused Celine for some tender loving care.

There were pen marks and stains from kids snacks on the inside and lots of scuff marks and food stains on the outside. Being suede it had also taken a real bashing from the rain.

2015-03-17 12.54.25
Before the inside was full of food stains



2015-03-17 12.54.19
Terrible water stain on the side



2015-03-17 12.54.34
Scuffing and wear and tear


So I called them up, booked in my bag, and sent it off!! Then you get a call with a quote and within days they can bring your bag back to it’s former glory.

2015-05-09 15.30.38

2015-05-09 15.30.31


With bags costing so much now, this service is very useful . The jacket above is by NLST from Press in Primrose Hill- I love the lightweight fabric and cut. This is on the expensive side but it is the perfect military jacket and I wear it all the time.

The sportswear is Lorna Jane and I just live in these Adidas Slides.

They also offer other services such a bag dyeing and they can fix rips and tears too.




If you do use the service please let me know how you get on.



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