Posted: May 18, 2015 10:08am

I love the jogger and it has replaced jeans as my go-to weekend throw on. I wear them casually with slides but I think this look is hard to pull off, so if in doubt keep joggers for when you can pair it with a heel.

A heel is so much more flattering with a jogger than flats. I love joggers as they are much more comfortable than jeans, and more edgy than wearing normal trousers. Lots of friends say-“I could never wear them”- but it is about finding the style that suits you.



My favourite pair has been one I bought from Isabel Marant, called the Patsy. This is definitely something you can pick up on the High Street as it is the styling that makes all the difference. The Topshop pair below are almost identical to my Isabel Marant ones.


I dress this look up- going casual is best left to Rihanna or the twentysomethings.


This Roland Mouret top is called the Eugene, and it is the best piece I bought last season. I have worn it non stop since Christmas. It is a real Statement Top and it is perfect to dress up a jogger. The price point is good compared to the other pieces in the range and it comes in a myriad of colours.

2015-02-01 21.29.40

I also pair these trousers with a silk shirt or a simple black cashmere, depending on where I am going.

2015-01-08 19.54.52

Valentino can do no wrong for me when it comes to shoes- they are so comfortable and they bridge a classic shape with an edgy feel.

These are worth investing in as they just work with everything.



Below I have have put together pieces that will help you achieve this same look! I would throw a blazer on over on over this look also the caped blazer below from Zara, is exquisite.

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