Posted: July 9, 2015 1:13pm

Summer is here and I am not heading away until the end of July- with my Celtic skin I need a helping hand on the tanning front.

Another wonder product from Vita Liberata are the Trystal Bronzing Crystals. It is designed for the face but I love it for my arms and legs.

It it the first self tanning bronzer that gives instant coverage but also has a subtle long term bronzing effect.


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2015-06-17 12.43.48


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2015-06-17 12.43.54

2015-06-17 12.43.46-1

The product is recommended for the face; if I were darker I think it work, but on my very fair skin it looks too dark.

It is a bit fiddly to use but I love the matte natural look it gives to my arms and legs. The brush allows you to contour, which is great for the legs to add definition. I am no Kim Kardashian (the Queen of conturing) but I find this product is easy to use to add definition to my legs.

It provides really good coverage in the case of any spider veins or blemishes.

I will start to use it on my face later in the Summer, once I have a bit of a colour.

I’d love to know the products you are all using to keep yourself glowing this Summer?

















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