Posted: August 11, 2016 6:07am

Inspired by Alice Archer and my visit to The Place London, I am now obsessed about the kimono worn as a dress or over shorts and distressed denim. The Alice Archer pieces are  available from The Place  and this one featured below, is even in Sale now!

Alice Archer

It is a contemporary take on a traditional garment, beautifully embroidered and the silk is heavenly,  I did not want to take this jacket off.  I have paired it with a pair of shorts but you could wear it as a dress . There is a longer version and paired with a body underneath and a simple pair of heels, this would be my dream outfit.

Alice Archer The Place

alice archer silk kimono

Alice Archer Kimono

The ideal kimono is simple, long enough to meet at mid calf and slightly over sized, that is why this one is so perfect.


It feels like heaven on,  the detailing is akin to a piece of Art, this kimono will be a future investment piece. I adore that Alice is doing, it is like the old fashion Couture houses creating exquisite handmade iconic pieces.

Alice Archer If there pieces are within your budget, I would rather buy Alice Archer than another IT bag. This kimono is now on sale, as well as lots of other glorious pieces.

You can also try and find a vintage option  check out one of my older posts for details of where to look.

This is something you can wear what ever the season and is a true show stopper!



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