Posted: July 22, 2015 9:16am

I don’t know where it started, but I have developed an obsession with finding the perfect red dress. I blame Viola– the dazzling ultra cool boutique in Connaught Village.

I always felt wearing red looked like trying too hard but once I found this Forte Forte dress from Viola I was sold on it.

I just feel glamorous, and with a tan the look is sublime.

Red is a neutral and goes with everything. I love it paired with leopard, metallics, beige- anything goes.

The holy grail of red dresses is this piece by SUR, it is top of my wishlist.


This dress is so light weight and I love the cut as it is super flattering and easy to wear. I would throw a denim jacket over it in the evening.

2015-06-17 12.42.34-2

2015-06-17 12.42.20-2


2015-06-17 12.42.32-2

2015-06-17 12.42.22

2015-06-17 12.42.28

2015-06-17 12.42.24


These shoes are by UZA and I bought them from Luxe Layers as they have a built in platform,they are really comfortable, and they are on sale at the moment!

The Forte Forte dress is sold out everywhere but there is a very similar one on Farfetch, also now on sale!

I hope you like the selection of red dresses I have put together, I would keep the design of the dress simple when wearing red, no one wants to look like a Showgirl.




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