Posted: October 24, 2015 3:05pm

My son has been nagging me for ages to organize a sleepover party for his birthday, and in Summer, with the date so far off, I agreed. Then with the date looming and 11 children invited the panic stuck.

This is where The Little Top come in. They do it all, and I mean it all. In my case they turned up with the sleeping bags, mattresses, decorations, party bags and  a midnight treat box .  Yes I could have done it all myself but I just didn’t have the time and I wanted to enjoy the party.

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They can also do the entertaining and provide the goody bags. For Archie they organized personalized Pyjamas.  No space is too big or small and they will then clear away and leave your house pristine! They came back the next morning and sorted out the playroom, so no hassle for us. If it is not a sleepover party, they will clear everything away the same day and take all the rubbish.

I have booked a Christmas Sleepover  for Luella in December and I cannot wait to see our house transformed into a girly paradise- they have lots of Christmas art work to keep all the girls busy.

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If you don’t want the party in your house, they can organize a tent and heaters. They are happy to attend weddings or special parties too. You don’t need lots of space, as they are used to working in compact Central London homes. Little Top are well aware that a lot of people are wary of having parties at home as they are frightened of damage and spillages. The rugs and soft furnishings they bring in are great a keeping your home pristine and the clean up service is invaluable.


So contact Susie on or checkout her site The Little Top, this is not a sponsored post-just a company I used and am happy to recommend.





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