Posted: April 23, 2015 9:58am

I love dresses but  as I mentioned before, I hardly ever wear them in winter, as I hate wearing tights but in Summer there is where they come into their own for me.

At this time of year a maxi is brilliant as you don’t have to worry about tanned legs, I would always choose one with sleeves and not too long. There is nothing worse than seeing someone trip over their maxi dress, while chasing a child! If it is too long have it altered, if you are in London I can recommend Nessie, she comes to the house, is reliable and well priced.

I bought this dress a couple of years ago but had not worn it,  as I felt it was too ‘seventies’ but I loved the colour and fit, so I held on to it.

It is perfect for that nostalgia feel that is everywhere at the moment.




The key to not looking like an extra from Saturday Night Fever , is to pair it with boots, I love Isabel Marants new Ralf boots , this boot is really versatile  and you can wear it with jeans,shorts and dresses. Adding the boots brings the look up to date and gives it an edge.



What I love about this dress, is the colour,  the pattern and that it is not too boho!











This dress was from Raoul , a great well priced brand, it is from a previous season but I have put together some great examples available now.

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