Posted: March 7, 2016 6:33am

I have become obsessed about finding the perfect midi trenchcoat, I want a silk lightweight option, I can throw over a pair of jeans. I bought one last year from Isabel Marant and there isn’t a thing it doesn’t go with. Now I am looking for something in white, which is a bit stiffer .

Midi trench from Isabel Marant

Midi ttrenchcoat

This current obsession developed, after seeing the Gucci accordian trench, it is exquisite but I missed it in the sale and now those left are back at full price.

This season Stella McCartney, has the most lust worthy one but it is expensive.

Tara Jarmon are stocking a beautiful white one but it is very pricey so I am trying to track down a fabulous preloved option.

The key is the material, I want it to be fluid and move when I walk. When you invest in brands such as Celine or Lanvin, you get a great fit and and a  feminine shape. Normally these brands new would be out of my price bracket but preloved I can afford to invest. I am keeping my eyes on these ones from  Shonamac, I am going to head over to visit them and try on all these exquisite trench coats, from Lanvin to Celine.

Trench Coat Edit

The highstreet has also caught on and you can find great options at ASOS and a great sales find from Abercrombie .

So lets embrace the midi trench and I will let you know, when I find the perfect one.

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