Posted: January 17, 2016 7:25am

From October to May I live in my parka. It hides a multitude of sins, I can carry everything in the pockets, and, best of all, it keeps me warm on those cold early mornings.

You have to get the right one and there are so many options, ever since Yves Salomon and Mr & Mrs Fur kicked off the trend. It is hard to know which of the myriad of followers to invest in.

I checked out all the options and Ducie are my favourite. I have written about the brand before, and as their offices are up the road from my house it is too tempting not to pop in.

I would also rather support a local mum and have something different, and I don’t need to pay for a label.






They are are also a fraction of the price of the designer brands, such as Mr & Mrs Fur or Yves Salomon.

I have sized up to a large as I wanted an oversized fit.

I selected grey and white, but there are lots of colour combinations and also shorter styles too. Prices start at four hundred and fifty pounds and they ship worldwide.  She normally delivers in 7 days.

Ducie Fur Parka

You can order online at Ducie, and email them if you don’t see the colour combination you want.

Other options you can check out are Poppy London, Anarho and South West Ten... Shush at the Wellington also had a second hand Mr&Mrs Fur parka for sale .



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