Posted: May 1, 2017 4:20pm

I am not enjoying the Spring 2017 fashion trends!  I have spent hours on the high street and found very little (check my Wear What I Wear) for the few pieces I could find.

The pieces I adore are all outside of my budget and I have to wait for the sales or look for the same pieces Preloved. So it is an odd time of year .

We still want something new to wear though, so where to shop?

Look in your own wardrobe first.

This week I got back all the pieces I sent off to be altered and it is like having a new wardrobe.  IT IS SLOW NON-THROWAWAY FASHION but it is worth it!

velvet kimono

Instead of sitting online, head to your wardrobe and take out all the pieces you haven’t worn in 6 months and GIVE THEM TO CHARITY, SELL THEM or HAVE THEM ALTERED!!

Velvet kimono

This is the time to clear  your wardrobe before all the sales start.  I am happy to help, just email  if you have any questions on getting started.

There are so many amazing people who do alterations, just look locally and test them with something simple.  If you are in London I can recommend Just Sew.

Velevet kimono sarah harris

You all know my obsession with Sarah Harris and I always ask myself, would Sarah Harris buy and wear this and it helps we avoid some of the worst mistakes.

I got the idea of wearing a black kimono from one she wore in the shot below and then and I was going to order a new one. Then when I was clearing my wardrobe, I found a floor length kimono and had it altered.

sarah harris velvet kimono

How I love this piece!  It is the perfect way to dress up a pair of jeans and it is Classic with a Twist, which I would say is the style I am trying to channel going forward.

alterations way to a new wardobe

I got my kimono from a brilliant Irish designer called Dawn Fitzgerald but you can look out on Etsy for something similar.

Velevet kimono Sarah Harris

I also am obsessed by the brand The Sleeper which make the kimono’s in all colours.


This exercise has shown me the power of using what I have and working a bit harder to get the look I want.

Next up a work from home work wear feature need to up my game!






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