Posted: November 13, 2020 7:43am

I am definitely feeling old as I saw this Prada nylon bag trend the first time round!

That is a good reason why there is no way that I would spend over £500 on one.  They are nylon after all, and this style has been around before, so it is the kind of bag to buy preloved, if you can.

So, Jayne and I have scoured the internet to bring you the best pieces out there, and also to show you where to find these retro pieces for less.  We also added links to fantastic alternatives options.

In my opinion I would try to hunt down a preloved clutch from Prada, and aim to pay no more than £120 as they are just not worth the £500 to £700 price tag.  I bought a Moncler nylon clutch from my local charity shop for £70; it is a nod to the trend which I think is enough. The Prada Reedition might be dominating streetstyle photos but it is a one hit wonder and there is no way a blogger is getting me to part with this kind of cash for nylon !

I much prefer the retro Gucci clutch which feels like it will have more longevity or the Transience bag just landed on Net a Porter.

So the VERDICT IS No, definitely a instagram generated trend and not one to waste hundreds of pounds on. The best place to look is ETSY or Ebay. Or go for the classic nylon bag from Longchamp or a bonkers beautiful piece from Simone Rocha.

All the links to shop are below.



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