Posted: April 6, 2016 7:22am

I have searched for ages for a great well priced tailor and at last I have found one!

It is so worth preserving to find one, suddenly you can take all those items that are just not right in your wardrobe and have them altered.

I bought this skirt in the Christmas sales, it was a whim, it was a kind of skirt you wear over trouser, the reality is there was no way this was going to get any wear.

I am blessed to know  one of London’s best stylist Deborah Sheridan Taylor, while we were clearing out my wardrobe she came up with the idea of turning the skirt into a cape. You all know my love of capes this comes from another great fashionista, Noreen.

The Perfect Cape

I was a bit dubious, as all the embroidery and beading made this, so tricky to alter.

Dries Van Noten Cape

The Importance of a great tailor

Since discovering the super talented Just Sew, I have had all those items, which were too big or that I just wasn’t wearing altered. From a sequin jumpsuit, to a floor length coat to trousers which were a bit too long and a skirt which was an awkward length, they have all been altered and I can now wear them. It is like having a new wardrobe.

The perfect London Tailor

The perfect Tailor

Once you find a great tailor then then you can sort out all those unworn items in your wardrobe and it is such a cost effective way of adding to your wardrobe.

The Perfect Tailor

I use Just Sew

50 Mill Lane

West Hampstead



Tel: 02070187737

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