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The Savoy has special significance for me- my now husband and I had our first date at the American Bar almost two decades ago. Romance flourished over martinis and the rest, as they say, is history. When we were looking for somewhere special to take my mother in law for her birthday, we decided to book the Savoy Grill for Sunday lunch.

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London has many luxury hotels but I have always loved the glamour and character of The Savoy. The extensive restoration has freshened up the grande dome whilst retaining the opulence of the Art Deco and Edwardian era.

We started off with some celebratory bubbles in the Thames Foyer. My son was tempted to tickle the ivories of the grand piano but was suitably distracted by the portraits of famous guests that have inspired the hotel’s signature suites. Natural light streamed through the beautiful glass domed ceiling, but the warmth of the winter garden was sadly not reflected in the service.

This happily changed when we entered the Savoy Grill. We were warmly welcomed and the staff paid special attention to our son.  The room itself is splendid – the lacquered wood panels complement the extravagant chandeliers and mirrors; you half expect to see Winston Churchill lighting up a cigar or Frank Sinatra holding court in one of the booths.

Interior at The Savoy Grill
Interior at The Savoy Grill

As you would expect, the menu is brimming with classic dishes. We started with garlicky frogs’ legs that had a crunch, an intensely flavoured lobster and crab bisque and succulent oysters. We continued the traditional journey by ordering the rich steak and ale pudding and the rib of beef with all the trimmings. Both were well executed but left us no room for dessert! My son enjoyed his halibut and devoured his dish of freshly made doughnuts with such indecent haste that I didn’t even get a nibble!


The attentive and charming restaurant manager, Santosh Uchil, looked after us royally and overall service was excellent. My son (to his father’s delight) was offered a tour of the kitchens – a nice touch that they both enjoyed. We walked onto the Strand with our boxes of petit fours, sated and ready for an afternoon nap.

I would recommend Savoy Grill for a meal with friends or family. It is perfect for a special occasion without being overly formal or fussy, while still retaining a special something. Coupled with the allure of the Savoy and a great choice of bars and lounges, there is something for everyone.

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Nuzy Sayani is Catwalkschoolgates’ restaurant reviewer. Nuzy lives in Marylebone with her husband and seven year old son. She is a technology lawyer and loves the theatre, cinema, is an avid reader and likes nothing more than trying out restaurants. Nuzy will be sharing her dining experiences with us and would love to hear from you with your recommendations.


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