Posted: May 27, 2019 7:00pm

Of all the items of clothing I get asked about, I think dresses top the list.

I almost always prefer wearing a dress to a skirt, as I detest the entire ‘trying to find a top’ conundrum.

I used to stock up on ASOS, Zara and H&M but now I wait for the sales or I hunt down the designer dress that I really want but preloved.  Yes there is the odd good piece on sites like Zara or ASOS but I now know that I can find better if I am patient and wait.

I like to start with Matches and Net-a-Porter, this gives me an idea of trends and helps me to refine what I am looking for.  I often have Matches, Ebay/HEWI or The Real Real all open at the same time, then I just search brand by brand. Yes it’s time consuming but it’s worth it and the process also sometimes leads to brands you wouldn’t previously have considered.


There are some considerations to think about when searching for a dress:

  1. Ask yourself where you are going to wear it? A dress that looks great on the beach is often too flimsy to wear around the city
  2. Think of the parts of your body you adore and choose a dress that flatters them. The same goes for choosing the colour
  3. Think fabrics and cuts, avoid viscose where possible

I have added many of my favourites to get you started and some are already on sale.  My current favourite is the ISA ARFEN one but it’s not yet discounted in the first round of sales, so I am going to have to wait until round two!

I tend to continuously stalk all of the dresses featured above until they are reduced to a price that I feel to be realistic.  Simultaneously, I will also look for these dresses on the reloved market and have added the links to the interesting ones that I have spotted this week.  For example, take the dress I am wearing in the photo above; this is from Lisa Marie Fernandez and would have cost over £600 new.  On the Outnet it was reduced to around £270, but I managed to find it on The Real Real for £99.  Even if I get bored and re-sell it, I will at least get my money back.

With the sales around the corner I have also added a few high street and mid-level brands that caught my attention.

Don’t forget to check my Preloved Edit below, these are the places I hunt regularly for bargains.

I also spotted this Self Portrait dress on someone and it is glorious and Rodebjer is now on sale too!


The key is to really wait for ‘THE ONE’ that works with your body shape and lifestyle and not give in and just buy another ‘OK’ piece with no longevity.




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Hear more about our story Join our mailing list and receive 10% off your first order