Posted: December 31, 2016 6:26am

I love Instagram and when I saw one of my friends, Hannah’s post, featuring a jaw dropping blue jumper from Ganni, it made me realize that the shorter length and the balloon sleeves just paired perfectly with the new shaped denim.  The sweater just made the outfit and the look is classic yet looks super contemporary.

I follow and buy what Hannah recommends as she can spot that perfect piece and knows how to build outfits, it is what Instagram is all about for me, if you wouldn’t buy it or wear it yourself, then you shouldn’t share it.

The sweater is called the Julliard and I found the white version at Arnotts and you can buy the blue version at Net a Porter, afraid not in the sale.  Ganni Sweater

Other options to consider are the following and I have tried to avoid itchy options!

Zadig and Voltaire, if this drops to £100 I will probably buy it.  It fits really well and the detailing at the sleeve is really exquisite, it is the distressing that has held me off as I am not sure if it has longevity.

Zadig and Voltaire Bimba and Lola are really brilliant for knitwear and the sweaters are now down to £50 or so. I ordered a navy cropped version of the sweater below.  This is the best well priced option, I sized down to a small.

bimba and lola balloon sleeve

Topshop also have a brilliant sweater with cut outs but it is also still full price, it is one to watch in the sales.

topshop cropped sweater

American Vintage are famed for the softest sweaters and they are never itchy, they have loads in sale at the moment at The Dressing Room boutique.

I have tested the site Chicwish, however, as you never know what the quality or delivery is like, I will update you once my sweater arrives.  They do seem to have a great array of jumpers with a twist.

The Outnet also has a few great ones from brands such as Maje or Simone Rocha.

I wish I had bought the Zara version I am wearing below, if anyone sees it in store please email me!  That is the thing with the highstreet, when they get it right you cant wait, you have to snap it up.

Topshop cabel sweater

In 2017 I am trying to buy the best piece that I can afford, even if it means waiting and saving, rather than buying the easy option and getting tired of it in a few months.

I love Mr Mittens

In reality the Ganni sweater is the best one, it is expensive but it is a forever jumper. The sleeves are perfect, it is warm but not too thick so you can fit it under a coat.  It is a showstopper.  When you wear jeans and dress down then a sweater like this elevates the look.

I also love the I love Mr Mittens option, this is more of a coat as it is super heavy so probably not practical for everyday.

I think half the fun of shopping is the pursuit and I have learned to wait and really consider the best, most wearable option. If I had been quick enough the Zara one would have been perfect and the Bimba and Lola ones are worth checking out.

Or I could just learn to knit!

Thank you all so much for reading my blog in 2016, I wish you all a Happy New Year.

A special thank you to Alex my photographer, Lynn who runs my eBay shop,  Natalie, Nuzy and Jo for being the best most supportive friends. Also my mother, who is always first to read my blog posts. The hidden photographer my husband Anthony and our children Archie and Luella, I couldn’t do it without you.

Hannah, Noreen, Deborah and Shanaz I adore your style and thank you for all your inspiration. I cannot wait to collaborate with Stacy Troke in 2017.  Thank you also to Lyn for being my IT saviour.

I look forward to launching my new site in 2017, we will be bringing you more videos, lots of preloved edits , investment pieces worth spending on, as well as emerging brands and the hottest pieces from the high street.  We will be focussing on bringing you more outfits, more health and fitness as well as the beauty products that work.

Choose well and Treasure our motto for 2017


Anne Marie




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