Posted: October 20, 2015 9:36am

I have a great friend- Shanaz- who is always saying how we need to dress up more. I am worst than most- I use any excuse to stay in a pyjama, jogger or pair of leggings.

This season you cannot avoid the skirt, and after visiting Noreen Goodwin and seeing her collection of exquisite skirts, I have been on a mission to find some fabulous ones.

As well as a pencil skirt, I am on the look out for a great floor length number.

I consider so many but have decided that I want a tiered one- this has been inspired by the skirts I have seen below. This look is a great alternative to a LBD . This is the look I want to wearing this festive and party season. The A line, knife pleat and fringed skirts are all great options, but I like the silhouette of the tiered skirt.

unnamed (1)


 1) Faith Connection gold tiered skirt, this is the one that I am obsessed by!
2) Comme Des Garcons Vintage skirt, this one is a real option and shows you the power of vintage
3) Vilshenko tiered skirt , the most divine skirt I have seen this season.
4) Stella Jean skirt , love the colours and a showstopper.
5) Cashmere sweater Wyse London, such well priced cashmere
6) Shoes Versace from TK Maxx, don’t forget to check TK Maxx they have great designer shoes.

I know this look is not for everyone so if you cannot face the skirt look out for a great ruffled shirt or sweater.


If you do take the plunge then keep the top part simple with a sweater, and add a pair of  your highest heels! If you do spot a great tiered skirt let me know.




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