Posted: November 14, 2016 4:21am

When I was still working, I bought the Chloe Susanna boots, that was many years ago (when I actually earned a decent salary) and they are still pristine.  I felt like they should work but they didn’t for me.

They look much better on those graced with smaller feet and they are quite heavy to wear everyday.

The edit below is all about investment boots.  I typically find mine second hand or I wait for the sales but it is the time of year to try and decide on a pair that will work in your wardrobe.  Get it right and it makes getting dressed much easier.


So these are my top choice

1 & 2)  Acne are synonymous with great boots and the Jensen is a lesser known model but is a great flat boot and it is not as heavy as some of the other Acne options.  I haven’t tried the Caroline which is number 2 but I love the more fitted shape.

3) If you like the buckle detail of the Susanna boot then check out the Bianca boot from Anine Bing, it has that same feel but is much more comfortable and I prefer the finish.

4) I do still like the babies by Saint Laurent but they are sold out in most places.

5) Then it comes to my favourite boot brand Barbara Bui, for me this brand merges style and comfort and I love that it is not instantly recognisable.  The one featured is called ‘Mick‘ and it is the perfect height.  I will probably pick up a pair preloved, they have so many on Vestiaire Collective at the moment.

6) I have just discovered the brand ATP, this olive green python print book is exactly the right colour to break up black and the boots are made for comfort.

7) I so want to buy this Givenchy boot.  This would be my ‘out on the town’ number, I adore the shape and the finish – it is my perfect evening boot and is called the Kali.

8) Laurence Dacade, is one of those brands that is renowned for it’s boots, I love the shape of this boot and fact that the detailing will lift any outfit.

9) The Aquazzura Baroque bootie, is another classic worth checking out, I love the shorter ankle length on this boot.

10) I will be keeping an eye on the Miista website, the price point is really affordable but the quality and finish is akin to designer.  These brocade boots would be another great evening option.  I am tempted to buy the Odell.

11)  From Miista to replace my Susanna boot, I love the heel height and at £129 it is such a great price.

12) If this boot from Rochas makes it to the sales, I will definitely invest.  It has the texture and colour to break up any outfit but is not too obvious.  These are the most beautiful leopard print boot I have ever seen and as I hate to wear heels this would dress up any outfit.

13) I adore Roger Vivier and these leopard print ankle boots are again cut so well, it is hard to see in a picture, you just have to trust me.

14) Any review of boots, has to include Stewart Weitzman, they are by far the most comfortable of any boots I have tried and if you have to walk a lot I would highly recommend the Bacari boot.

15) These boots are great with jeans and I adore Saint Laurent, I also like boots that get better with age, forget the Dicker boot go for the Blake.

16) This simple black ankle boot from ATP, is so similar to Saint Laurent babies, but the zip is at the back, which I prefer.  This is a boot you can wear all day.

17) I have these Tabitha Simmonds boots in black and they are a great option (I had to size up), they will toughen up any outfit and are a great alternative to heels in the evening. I found my pair preloved.

18) The Bowen boot by The Row is exquisite, from the heel shape to the round toe and the tapered ankle as well as the smoky grey colour.  This is ankle boot perfection.  You can wear this boot with skirts, dresses, cropped jeans and you will wear them for years.

19) This again is on my wish list and is from Valentino, I particularly like the sock detailing.  This boot is the perfect shape to wear with cropped style jeans and the heel height is so wearable.

Most of us are on our feet all day, so I have tried to find comfortable options, yes most are expensive but the sales are coming and boots should be top of your Wish List.

Think about what you really need, that is why I lined all the boots up in the collage, it then focuses the mind on what you will REALLY wear.  I wear cropped denim and joggers, so for me that has narrowed the selection down to  Valentino as they are more fitted around the ankle and cut higher to keep me warm though the ATP are more practical as I could wear them in the rain.

For evenings I really would love the Givenchy Kali and my friend Jayne has tipped me off about the Celine Heritage Boot.

In reality, I will see what is left when the sales start but as I have compiled a clear list of boots that work for me, I won’t panic buy.  Also, always check preloved first to see if you can find the same style.  Check out my Vestiaire Collective Wish List to get an idea of what I am watching.





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