Posted: September 25, 2019 7:45am

At a talk a few months ago, Alexandra Schulman was asked what she thought was the most dominant clothing trend in recent years.  Her response was athleisure, and she isn’t wrong – just think back ten years ago!

Wearing joggers, leggings, hoodies and/or trainers was the preserve of LA-based rappers, but now if you walk the streets of any city, you’d struggle to find anything else.

The comfort provided is undeniable, and it goes without saying that a great pair of leggings is like clothing nirvana!

Leggings are like good underwear and are the scaffolding of many outfits.  I am not talking gym leggings, but day or evening leggings.

They absolutely do suit everyone, you just need to find the fit that works for you.

For me, I’ve learned that I need a higher waist and for the leg to be cut just above the ankle.  I would suggest avoiding colours and patterns, they are just too much work!  A great pair of black or navy leggings is really all you need.

Starting at the top, Alaia are my all-time favourites!  It’s all about the fabric, they’re thick enough to hide any bumps, yet they still have some give, so are truly comfortable.  I have found them to be true to size – mine are a 38.  At £500 they are not a realistic option and I was very lucky to find mine preloved from Sign of the Times (they do tend to get them in regularly).  I opted for the viscose ones.  They also pop up on Ebay.

The black pair above are from James Perse.  I bought these in the Net-a-Porter sale, but the new stock is on the James Perse website and they also now have them in grey.  Whilst these are really expensive, I would say that they are a great and worthwhile investment.  For these, I opted for a US 6.

Phillip Lim is another brand to check out.  This is the brand that I am wearing below and I found them on Ebay.

Other brands to check out are Wolford – I found them on sale on the Luxury Legs website.  Calzedonia is a brilliant well-priced option, as are Spanx and Commando.

I also saw a gorgeous silk pair that have just gone online at H&M 

I am also seeing loads of vinyl ones this season, very similar to the pair below.  Check out Commando or Raey for similar.

My favourite investment pair are from Toteme.

Another fantastic brand is Amanda Wakeley and her brand goes up to a UK 16.

How to style them:

It is about balancing the fitted nature of the leggings with something a bit looser, but not baggy, especially if you want to avoid looking like an extra from a Vicky Pollard sketch!  I tend to go for a boyfriend sweater in winter, or a similar shape t-shirt or shirt  (by boyfriend, I mean covers the camel toe).

In the winter I tend to wear mine with Emu boots or trainers.  An edit is on its way on winter footwear!

Check out Ninety Percent for the oversized knitwear and sweatshirts




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