Posted: May 8, 2020 12:45pm

Can I first thank the fabulous Monika for coming back to help me with my collages!

I love nothing more than those magazine ‘must have’ lists, but in truth, most of the items are sponsored and are either over priced or featured because they have been gifted or are paying to be included.

These are all items that I have on my Wish List that I feel are worth checking out.  Life has changed a lot, with holidays cancelled as well as nights out to restaurants and bars on hold, leisurewear is here to stay.

I love clothes, they lift my spirits but I am working full time again as my shop re-opened after a short break, so I need to be able to ‘get stuff done’.  I always have great intentions on the exercise front, so anything that looks good, is comfortable to wear and you can exercise in, gets my vote.



Here are the links to shop:

Check out Free People.  I fell in love with this brand in L.A. a few years ago and their leisurewear is made to wear all day.  I adore these biker shorts.

H&M is the only high street shop I still shop from as the quality and price point are spot on.  Their boyfriend t-shirts are just as good as designer ones.
Nothing beats a vintage denim shirt and ASOS Marketplace is my go to for online vintage.
Hardly Ever Worn It (HEWI) is awash with brilliant designer pieces such as the MiH denim shirt; online for £50.
I haven’t worn proper shoes in over 6 weeks, and I don’t see me donning heels for a long time to come! So, it’s worth checking out a designer pair of flats – I adore the Balenciaga ones and they are 20% off now.
H&M do great shackets but I am waiting for this Raey one and fingers crossed it will go on sale.  It is the perfect cover up, neither too light nor too heavy, and looks so contemporary.
I don’t buy quite as much vintage as I used to but the odd sweatshirt adds depth to your wardrobe, this Ravens one is divine.
The U.S. is the epicentre of leisure wear and here are some of my favourite brands that are worth looking out for.  Pacsun and Mayfair Group are definitely worth checking out.
I adore Urban Outfitters, they are super well priced and great for on trend items like tie dye.
I am going to do a separate post on shorts but I adore Lorna Jane and New Balance. 
These tank sleeve t-shirts are so on trend.  The Frankie Shop one kicked off the trend but it exposes way too much arm pit for me.  I prefer this John Lewis option and Curated Crowd have the best designer option.
Unitards are super flattering on and Silou London are leading the way.  There are more on my older blog.
Filippa K is a wonderful brand and this season they developed a leisure wear edit which is very grown up and wearable, especially the gun metal grey colour.
Neous is one of those in brands.  These platform sandals are a far better priced option to The Row ones.
I am so tempted by this Chinti and Parker sweater with a touch of neon; and it is slashed to clear.  Avoid the slogans and a touch of colour is enough.
With some new sunglasses costing nearly £300 I tend to buy mine second hand.  I spotted the fantastic Thierry Lasry ones here.
Big tote bags are just not what we need but an oversized clutch is still my bag of choice.  I adore the floral one from La Double J. 
The grey Topshop sweatshirt is a great shape and is only £16.
Dodgy roots and lack of a good blow dry mean that my hair is spending a lot of time under the hat – featured above.
I love these Raey denim shorts but The Real Real has a brilliant selection of designer ones for a lot less.
We 11 Done is up their with Raey and the black sweatshirt is currently topping my Wish List.  The brand is as good as Balenciaga.
Check out Adidas if you are on the radar for new trainers.
Suzie Kondi is also on my radar and I reckon her pieces are to 2020 what Juicy Couture was to the nineties.  I cannot decide between the dusky pink joggers or the black jumpsuit.
Let me know per email if there is anything you would like me to cover, my email is

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