Posted: October 26, 2019 9:55am

You are all probably thinking, what is she talking about?  Well, this post is inspired by the ever glorious Leandra…

She is one of my Pinterest crushes and whilst examining her style, something resonated loudly.

Her wardrobe, in the main, consists of classic, simple pieces be they jeans, shirts or cashmere sweaters, but then WHAM BANG, she just nails it with the most joyous bag, pair of shoes or fantastic hat or scarf.

So clever, as you get the fashion fix, but everyone knows it is so much easier to play around with shoes and bags than it is with the outfit itself.

Not sure if it was the advent of her twins but it feels like she now looks for outfits that can be put together without a lot of time or effort.

I love that she doesn’t play it safe with the new season must haves of Bottega clutch, sandals and python boots.  She digs deeper, for me this is much more inspiring and it is a look you can replicate easily from shopping either preloved or vintage.

The outfit below is just made by the clutch and it is the one I see her wearing most.

Leandra seldom follows the crowd, dismissing the over-hyped python boot (which is really very tricky to wear) but instead has gone for a much more wearable burgundy pair.

On my winter Wish List is a lime green bag which looks so divine with camel on a dreary winters day .

I love how she plays with hats and shoes that you would never normally consider, but when paired with a classic navy coat the entire look is made so much more interesting.  These metallic shoes are so easy to pick up preloved.

No one uses scarves, sunglasses or statement jewellery better and these lift a classic cashmere blazer and joggers.


Check out the list below of some of my bonkers but beautiful pieces!

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