Posted: August 31, 2015 5:23pm

Tibi is everywhere.

We started our obsession with the brand with their off the shoulder blouses and fringed shoes. As it is quite expensive I kept telling myself I can find the same at Zara or ASOS, yet even though the high street is magnificent once you try on the original you can understand what all the fuss is about.

I spied this new black Tibi top at Luxe Layers and I had to try it on! It was supposed to go back but I couldn’t part with it. It is so comfortable and easy to wear- the fit is sublime.  I can wear this top with everything, and I love that I can start wearing it now but it will still be perfect in Winter with joggers or a pair of leather leggings.

2015-07-20 13.09.36


2015-07-20 13.09.34

2015-07-20 13.09.46

So why Tibi? It is the fit- a lot of these off the shoulder tops are really uncomfortable and are simply unflattering on anyone over twenty five. The material in this top has enough elastic that it stays up, but not too much as to flatten your top half to resemble fried eggs. The sleeve and body length  are generous which adds to its wearability .


2015-07-20 13.09.42

2015-07-20 13.09.40

2015-07-20 13.09.50



The jeans are a brand called CARMAR. I got mine from a discount store in the US called LF Stores which is worth visiting as the jeans are around forty pounds and fit so well. I adore CARMAR as the denim is so soft.

The shoes are from the best preloved treasure trove- Vestaire Collective- and are Valentino.

Luxe Layers are stocking the tops and have a brilliant edit of the best pieces from Tibi. Below I have selected some of my favourite pieces from Tibi.

I have also discovered a few well priced alternatives at ASOS.




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