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I have run an eBay shop for over 3 years now, it started as a way to clear out my own clothes, now I employ someone to do that as well as clear those of my friends and family.

People say now can I be bothered?  I love clothes and for years, I gave them away or gave them to charity.

Now  I don’t buy anything new unless I have sold the equivalent on eBay. I also would rather sell the item and give the money to my favourite charity.

It is a great discipline and teaches you where to spend your money and where not to.

Isabel Marant is a great seller for us

There are so many companies selling preloved clothes out there and I have tried most of them and I am selling everything from Chanel bags to Zara tops, so  the full spectrum.

My advice is to set up your own eBay account and do it yourself. Yes it takes a bit of time to set up the Paypal account but it is worth it and we are happy to answer any questions if you get stuck.

We sell hundreds of items a month and have on average one complaint  so don’t be put off by this, eBay is super regulated and the helpdesk is  amazing.

Our Ebay Shop NW8closet

Our Top Tips for Selling

1. Use the mobile app on your ipad as much quicker

2. Ensure you get the postage charge right, just go and chat to the person at the desk in your local post office and they have lots of information on postal charges. We used to send everything registered but in three years we have had 3 issues,  so it is not worth registering, unless you have a high priced item.

Postage charges for uk


Idea of International postage charges


3. Send items off within 48 hours once the item is paid for. Send a reminder after 2 days if they have not paid, and if they dont respond, open a case with Ebay, again this seldom happens.  If people change their mind just cancel the sale and relist.

4. Rate your buyer and ask them to rate you.

5. When listing an item, put it up for 7 days as it stays on the first two pages, so when customers are looking for something your item will always show up first

6. When writing in the description, Use bullet points, and give them every bit of information, tell them how much it was when you bought it as in the RRP so that they can see there getting a great deal when you finally choose your price to sell it at. Set a realistic price point,  just check what the average price is on Ebay  and use that.
7. When photographing your item, get a mannequin so that you can style the outfits and make your items look much better. Always photograph them in front of a blank wall so that it doesn’t look to busy or take away from the item. Always take photos in the daylight too as its the best natural light for your outfit.
Perfect Mannequin also showing you the perfect light to take photographs
8. Make sure you photograph the item from every angle as it shows them how the item is worn and gives them an idea of what it looks like on. If there is any defects make sure you photograph that too so that the buyer is aware of the condition and isn’t disappointed when the item arrives. This is a lot of work so bundle smaller priced objects ( such as kids clothes or books) so that you only have to do it once.
Sample of different angles to take pictures of
9. Putting a famous person into the pictures wearing your item or something like your item, at the front of your listing is also a great way to attract peoples attention.
Always start with the brand of your item first in the title as it catches peoples attention.
Using other Sites 
 You can use other sites such as Vestiaire Collective but our experience, is  that  in reality you have to do the work anyway of listing and answering the questions and its a much harder website to work with, so you might as well use ebay.
My main issue with using Vestaire to sell, is that it is very slow to list and you can only list a few photos and you often have to to go back and  forth which is very time consuming.
I use Vestaire to sell the more obscure ‘fashionista’ labels.
Also the average percentage with ebay take is around 10% compared to the 30%  that Vestiare collective take from you on a medium priced item.
If you don’t have a time to list items, find a nice local person who will list it for you on Ebay .
 You will find these on local Facebook Groups, thats where I advertise.
There are a lot of website popping up such as  , Buy my Wardrobe Chic & Seek, to name a few. Theses all have a much smaller audience , so most people have already searched ebay before going on to these sites. They also take a much larger commission.
As for the Aps such as Shpock , I have used most of them and we have gone back to using Ebay as again the audience is too low.
Facebook Groups are another way of clearing out, as long as you don’t mind people coming to your house to pick up items. I use it for bigger objects which are hard to send.
I adore Charity / Preloved shops as they have a quicker turnover of stock and you can see what you are buying, I will be posting on the best ones out there very soon.
These sights are all great to buy rather then sell  pre loved items. Below is my wishlist on Vestaire Collective.
Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.19.06
Take a look at our ebay shop Nw8closet.
We are happy for you to use our listings as examples and email us with any questions or if you need a hand with anything.

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