Posted: August 12, 2014 5:00pm

After our last visit to Las Vegas just wanted to update you with a few more places to go with children! Check out my other posts if you are heading there with children.

We went to the indoor skydiving which I and my 6 year old son adored but my 5 year old daughter was a bit scared, as it is really loud and the first time you try it is hard to get your breath. But amazing once you give yourself up to it. Book extra minutes as the time goes so quickly.  Wear trainers and socks!

Another hit was Popovich comedy Pet Animal Circus, on in the V theater beside Planet Hollywood hotel, where he does these amazing tricks with all his pets. He has a wide range of animals such a dogs, cats, a parrot, a miniature pony and even 3 rats. One of his great tricks was he got a cat to stand up and push a dog in a trolly, it was amazing. The children never stopped laughing and it is really old style entertainment, all the animals are rescued from around the US. Popovich has also released his own book called “you CAN train your cat”. Here is a sneak peak video of his show .


My children love Circus Circus because of  the adventure dome . It is a child’s paradise full of rides and you just have to give yourself up to it. Its all indoors and the air con is on full blast. There is a variety of rides for all ages and they go by height rather then age! You are best off to get the all day pass wristband, it works out much cheaper  as they want to go on most rides 2-3 times and each ride cost $5 or more. They also have 4-D movies and game stands where you spend a dollar each time to try win a teddy. Its open from 10am to 12pm and once you have an all-day pass you can come in and out as you please all day.



One for the adults, we popping in to see Shania Twain at Caesar’s Palace it reminds me of many nights spent dancing in my home town in Dublin with my best friend Elaine and her sister Karina, who did a brilliant rendition of You’re still the one!

Shania was fabulous and we had a great evening and yes she really did feature a horse in her show, it is Las Vegas after all !

I am wearing my favourite outfit of the moment the A.L.C skirt and top combination,  that I bought at Barneys in Las Vegas .

I always end up with a season obsession or two and the cropped top is moving to the top of the list!

Shania Twain
Shania Twain








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