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Selling your house is an emotionally charged occasion where strangers have unfettered access to your home.  Choosing the right partner to sell your house can really alleviate this situation.

I have been very lucky to have worked with Elias from Laurence Leigh Residential for years and we have bought and sold successfully,  numerous properties in various areas of London.

People ask me, how can you move so often, part of the answer is that I love renovating houses but definitely part of the reason is how easy the process has been made for us by Elias and Laurence.

They never over promise,take ownership of the process, are honest,  a pleasure to deal with and most importantly , they have sold our houses for a great price and found us something we love, to move to.


Natalie  was lucky enough to sit with Elias Raymond from  Laurence Leigh Residential and talked her  through the steps of selecting an agent.



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Be honest with yourself.

What’s most important to you, the price , a quick sale do you need a long completion to find something to move to are you willing to rent?


Any one can name a great price to gain an  instruction, are they pushing the boundary or being unrealistic?  In this age buyers are really well informed about price and you should be too.

Trust – find someone you connect with

Elias suggests keeping vendors away from viewings as it can stifle potential purchasers curiosity, however, for this to happen you need to know that the agent will show your house to its best possible advantage. A great agent comes in before the viewing, to put on lights and check all is in order .



Test Drive your agent

Every agent should have potential purchasers before you sign up with them.  Observe a trial viewing. Did they point out key features, how did they handle the less positive aspects?  Are they passionate? Do they give you any feedback afterwards?

Local or National Agency

Who are your potential audience?  Elias maintains that they all market properties the same way so the choice becomes an issue of service and potential client base. Check who is actually your contact? Will they work with other agencies?


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And once you’ve found your agent :

Declutter, de-personalise and good luck.

Also remember that the days of people piling through the door to view a property are gone, now days there are fewer viewings and less offers but typically when you do get an offer this is a serious one.





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