Posted: February 27, 2016 6:55am

It turned out to be cheaper to fly to Venice than directly to our Ski Resort in Italy, the copious amounts of luggage due to all the ski equipment, did initially worry me but I really wanted to do a sightseeing trip with the kids.  At six and eight, I really want to start exploring again.

There are two airports in Venice, we flew to  Marco Polo which is nearest to the Island of Venice. We then took a water taxi into the centre of Venice. There are porters that can take you straight from the Airport to the boat side, we didn’t find that out until we had manhandled 4 huge cases through a torrential rainstorm, it is a 20 minute walk to the queue, where the water taxis leave.

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The water taxi took 25 minutes to the hotel and the kids loved it, you feel like an extra in a James Bond Movie. The taxi cost 110 euros you can take a public taxi but with all the bags we needed to be dropped off right by the hotel.

I cannot recommend Hotel Metropole enough, it is perfectly located by the much higher priced Danielle Hotel, a five minute walk from St Marks Square. We had a view over the water and it is full of beautiful antiques and just feels so authentic. Ask for Valentina.

Hotel Metropole Venice



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The staff were great with our kids and they organized at short notice the best tours and restaurants.

We booked a tour guide to take us on a two hour walking tour. Martha, from Think Venice was fabulous and kept the children’s interest the whole time. There is so much to see but it is very compacted, so a great city to see with little children.


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We did a water tour all the islands which the children also adored and it does give you a feel for the parts that would just be too far for our little ones to walk to. Make sure you ask for a driver, who is happy to talk and explain the sights.

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If you do get some time for shopping, they have all the brands just of the San Marco Square.


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Check out a boutique called Pot- Pourri, they stocks lots of great brands it is on Palazzo Regina Vittoria.

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We booked Do Forni the food was sublime and again they made a big fuss of the children. We wanted to head to Acqua Pazza and which came highly recommended but it was closed until March. For snacks head outside the hotel there are loads of well priced options, where you can pick up a sandwich or water literally 5 minutes from the hotel.

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Make sure you know which airport you are heading to, we got it wrong on the way back, like to recommend Massimo and Filippo they speak great english and drove us to the right airport. Telephone +393480742447/ +393458875481.




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