Posted: November 9, 2015 7:19am

I love Topshop and while I was in town checking out the new Unique collection (which is sublime) I found this adorable colour-block coat. So if you are looking for a show stopper search no further.

This coat is what epitomises Topshop for me, as it embraces the trends in an affordable manner. It is why it is worth checking their site regularly, as they have such amazing well priced pieces. I check the site weekly to see what is on and at the moment have my eye on some Prada like block heel shoes.

Daylight is a real test for coats, as it is unforgiving, yet this piece stands up so well, and the colours make it easy to match to any outfit .

2015-11-03 15.44.24

I first discovered these colour-block coats a few years ago when Celine did one, and then there was Roksanda Ilinic, but I felt that this was not a trend I wanted to spend loads on, so I was delighted when Topshop embraced it.

Celine Colour Bloc Coat


2015-11-03 15.44.36

2015-11-03 15.44.34


2015-11-03 15.45.22


2015-11-03 15.45.04

If this coat is too bright for you they also have amazing cashmere mix coats in baby blue, grey and camel. If you haven’t been to Topshop in a while then let Mark from Personal Shopping give you a hand, the team are amazing and if you are in Oxford Street in London, pop in and they will help you choose the pieces which are right for you… and the fitting rooms are spacious too.



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