Posted: June 1, 2016 7:30am

I am being careful not to load up on cheap fashion, I have tried to track down more original sites such as Zaquad and Loeil ,where you can find that piece to satisfy my urge for something new but still buy something well priced and unique.

Zara has disappointed me for a long time now, could be me and the pieces I buy but they have end up been sold on my ebay shop.

I still stumble upon those brilliant nuggets at Topshop, like this bomber jacket.

Topshop Bomber JAcket

If only Marks and Spencer could do the same we would be spoilt for choose.

It is the cut, great material and the fact that the bomber is so spot on trend. Yes you could buy an Acne one for £500 but the Topshop one really is good enough.

Topshop Bomber JAcket

What Topshop gets so right, is that the material is not shiny but is quilted beautifully and the pocket detailing is finished well and they have nailed the perfect shade of Khaki.

Topshop Bomber Jacket

I love the fact that the jacket is also cut close to the body and the back seam really makes it so flattering on.

My love affair with Topshop continues, if you haven’t been in ages try the fabulous Personal Shopping Service, there is no minimum spend and the team are fantastic and pulling out those pieces which are lifestyle and age appropriate.

I am too old to traipse around the store and battle it out in the fitting rooms.

The bomber is still available on line and comes in a myriad of colours, I have just ordered the black.

Have a read of my old post for all the details on the Private Shopping at Topshop.

Look out for camisoles, suits and great Gucci inspired track tops to wear over your summer dresses.

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