Posted: September 9, 2015 10:50am

I have so little time, working between drop off and pick up with all the usual household jobs to fit in between. But when Mark who runs Private Shopping at Topshop sent me the invite to preview the  Unique Collection, I made time.

This  collection always excites and year after year I have picked up that star buy that kick starts my Autumn.

This year the collection was showcased over tea at Sketch- with the return to the school run and the dull weather this is exactly what I needed.

Not to mention an afternoon spent with my favourite stylist Deborah Sheridan Taylor.

So what is our verdict?

We both adored the shearling coats they are really pieces of art and a fraction of what you would pay anywhere else. They are also so contemporary in shape and we both loved the mixing of finishes, which ensures you have a real stand out piece. The design team really pick the most beautiful colours which are so flattering on all skin tones.



2013-02-22 04.47.58



The printed shirts and dresses should also be snapped up as the cut and fabric are super flattering and beautiful .



2013-02-22 05.33.24

2013-02-22 05.26.59

I fell in love with this blue cord jacket: the elbow detail and slim fit are spot on.

2013-02-22 04.52.18


If you are looking for a great block heel the shoes are also super comfortable and the finish is gorgeous. The knee high boots are perfect if you struggle to find boots tight enough- I could not pull them over my calves. The leather and finish are beautiful though.

2013-02-22 05.34.19

This collection is perfect if you are super skinny. They have lots of great mini skirts, and for those of you looking for a fun stand out piece the vinyl trousers and the velvet dungarees are a real wow.






So what did I order? The leather pants!

I always invest in the Unique leather leggings as they fit and the finish is as good as any high end designer. They are not online yet and as soon as they are I will let you know.


This classic look above is what I love about Unique, it allows us to invest in pieces which in their touch and feel are a akin to brands such as Celine and Chloe but at prices we can afford.

I would love the collection to include more classic pieces, as with the price point I know I want the items to have longevity in my wardrobe. A great simple cashmere coat, sweater , more leather pants and simple shirts; less Alexa Chung and more Emanuelle Alt please.

If you are looking for a show stopper dress take a look as the collection contains some great options.

It goes online today and is bound to sell out fast; we wanted to let you know our key pieces so you can get ahead.When in doubt go up a size as the sizing is snug.

You can also contact  the Personal Shopping team and they can help you if you cannot find it online.



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