Posted: December 15, 2014 9:37am

As you all know, I love Topshop and I am a fervent advocat of the fact, that every person should have some pieces in their wardrobe. There really is no upper age limit.

Topshop is a great way to add the fashion fun element to your wardobe without breaking the bank and this keeps us all young and allows us to have fun with fashion.

So in tandum with the fun pieces, they also do great basics most of the most stylish women I know buy their jeans from topshop.

They also have some super stylish design pieces, these are expensive but still a fraction of the price of a designer label.

I know it can be daunting, until I started using the Personal Shopping service and met Mark and his fabulous team, I would walk in and be put of by the teaming mass of young girls and the business of the fitting rooms was too stressful.

I have converted so many people and they have never looked back ,when they see the large dressing rooms and the calm of the Personal Shopping area, they are hooked.

We were lucky to get the super talented  stylist Deborah Sheridan Taylor to cohost with us. The brief was show us the best of the vintage section which Topshop has to offer and tell us how to style it. We also all wanted some party wear .

WOW is all I can say, she and Mark nailed it.

It was how shopping should be with lovely friends and great support and direction from Mark and Deborah.



Such a great selection of beautiful pieces and styled so we could build outfits.




Thank you Mark for looking after us all so well.




We all tried on pieces we would never have tried on and came away with a party wardrobe extrodinaire!

Today we are looking at some great coats.

Lets start with this great wool reefer jacket, the colour is so flattering and this is the perfect coat to wear with jeans and a white t-shirt, the cut and fabric are beautiful.




Moving on to this fabulous sheepskin coat, it is the colour that sets this coat a part, it is the most spectacular iceberg blue/grey. It is also cut really well, so you have no extra volume, difficult to find with sheepskin. This coat comes in a beautiful white and black which are still instock.







This coat was on every ones list, it is vintage and we all loved the mix of textures and the flare  detail, this is a coat I would never have tried on but Deborah has such a keen eye for the truely special wearable pieces.





Another amazing coat from Topshop is this one below, this coat adds glamour to any outfit and I love it paired below with jeans!





This wool and cashmere coat from Topshop is a classic and the weight and sheen of the fabric is on parre with Max Mara but at a fraction of the price. I will be wearing this with distressed denim all winter.



Again I would like to point out that I am not paid or comissioned to write these pieces, this is a service I have used for years and would love you all to share as Mark and his team are there to help, so book an appointment here.

Or email us on if you would like to come to our next event.



What I have learned from Deborah, is to focus and fabric and classic shapes .

Another key lesson is to contrast a vintage funky top/jacket with a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a classic coat with a more adventurous outfit such as distressed denim.

Deborah is one of the best sylist I have met, it is like going shopping with your best friend. She really knows what shapes suit the diffferent body shapes. She can mix, vintage,highstreet and high end seemlessly .

She can also work to what ever your budget is but she will take you out of your comfort zone and deliver a look that is wearable and flattering.

To contact Deborah email her on

We will be posting a series of articles next we will be covering party tops !


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