Posted: June 30, 2016 4:01am

From an early age I was that girl trawling through those vintage shops, like a magpie jumping on anything shiny. As I get older, I find it harder to find vintage that doesn’t make me look like a 40’s housewife or like I am heading to a fancy dress party.

I don’t want to look like I am wearing, an ageing uniform of madness.

At the same time, fashion should be fun and I like to take a bit of a risk and those pieces, you do take a risk on and that work, end up being the items you get most excited about wearing.

leopard print vintage dress

OK a leopard print dress maybe not a classic, in some people books but it is in mine. I was searching for a dress I could throw on when  I have people at home for lunch or dinner, a dress I could swan around in and still look glamorous, without heels. Also I didn’t want to pay a lot. I did see a very similar one on Etsy.

leopard print vintage

I bought this dress at the fabulous  Clerkenwell Vintage Fair, I love the fact that all of the UK’s best vintage stores come together in one place .


leopard print vintage

leopard print vintage dress

The next event is on the 11th of September,  I will be heading there to kick start my Autumn wardrobe.  The fair attracts, lots of fashion journalists, stylist and designers, who are looking for inspiration .

Best Vintage in London

I use vintage to  embrace those trends like off the shoulder shirts, metallic shirts,  leopard print coats and kaftans . They are all just trends, that were all around before and the vintage pieces are often, the same price  as Zara but the material and cut will be better.  Best of all you won’t find anyone in the same piece.

Vintage shopping in London

In London, I love SK Vintage, I never leave the shop empty handed the same is true for Kensal Vintage. I have bought the most glorious Celine like jumpsuits and Givenchy inspired coats from there.  Follow them on Instagram or facebook, to see what is new in store. They will both ship, if you are not in London.

leopard print vintage dress

Overdress Vintage is one of my favourite places to check for those pieces like Isabel Marant inspired shirts, ruffle shirts and statement skirts. This online shop is by far the best priced on the net. ( Thank you Noreen for the tip)

leopard print dress vintage

I also love to stalk Ruby Lane it has the best selection of vintage  and they ship quickly and the price point is really good and the selection enormous, this is where I found the perfect leopard print coat last Winter. It is the ideal place to look, if looking for something specific you cannot find.

Don’t be scared of vintage embrace it and it will add that depth and fun to your wardrobe. Follow the shops I mention on Instagram or Facebook and I guarantee you will find a piece that you just adore and have to have.

Don’t care if there is a touch of Bet Lynch, we all need a bit of cheering up!





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