Posted: January 29, 2018 6:21am

Skiing was not something we did as a child  ( there were six of us !)

Today, I still struggle to get the point of spending a fortune to have to get up early, wear heavy and uncomfortable boots etc.  However, the reality is that my husband and kids love it so I have learnt to make it work.

I recently started Snow Walking and it has changed my attitude as I get to see the glorious views and imbibe the fresh air but don’t have to worry about falling off a chair lift and being stranded at the top of a mountain peak.

With ski wear, after the initial kitting out you can just tweak it going forward.

I am not one for all those star festooned pieces you see all over Instagram as they cost almost as much as the holiday itself and they are too recognisable.  Fine if they are gifted or you have deep pockets.  My advice is to keep it SIMPLE!

Vintage Dior from Ebay
Vintage Dior from Ebay

I buy all my children’s ski wear as follows:

For their jackets, I love Spyder.  Buy them on Ebay, this brand comes up small so size up a couple of years.

Trousers, gloves, under layers, gloves etc.. I buy from Sports Direct, or Mountain Warehouse.  I sell them every year and buy new ones and there is a very active market on Ebay for kids ski wear.

Grand Hotel Tirolia

I invested in a vintage Christian Dior all in one which is what I use on the slopes, it is comfy and makes you look so much slimmer than the jackets and trouser combinations.  Check out Cordova (are expensive), Topshop (adore this one too) or Sweaty Betty for new options and I found the following on HEWI.  I adore the vintage ones on Ebay.  I have covered lots of ski brands before so if on the hunt, check out my older post.

Vintage Dior
Vintage Dior

Ski hotels are usually boiling so forget lugging all those jumpers.  You need layers and you want to be comfortable.  I have never taken dresses or skirts skiing, I live in joggers and leggings with a pair of Ikki boots or kitten heels for the hotel.

HM boots link to shop below

A bum bag or back pack is so useful if you are out all day, I will add a few below.

Don’t forget to use sunblock on your face and lips (need one for the pockets of all the family) and oil based foundation for you!.   I also always bring a moisturizing mask and loads of stuff to tie back my hair with (loads of dry shampoo) as the helmets just cause havoc with your hair.

I pack Ultrasun for my lips or Elizabeth Arden if you want a touch of colour or the new Bobbi Brown sticks are fabulous too.

Aveda dry shampoo for my hair.

My skin gets irritated by the wind and I adore Kiehls Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm, it is so soothing and protects your skin from the elements, I also use this primer from hylamide.

I love the Clarins UV sunscreen as it is so light and easy to apply and doesn’t irritate my skin.

You will need an oil at night as the wind and sun dries the skin so try Origins skin refining oil.

If you have achy limbs try Aromatherapy De Stress muscle gel or Mio bath soak.

Don’t forget to use oil based foundation, water based can freeze and cause a breakout.  I would recommend Bobby Brown Foundation Stick as it is easy to use and top up during the day.

I also pack sheet masks from Sarah Chapman as they sooth redness and are so moisturising or Clarins have a handy size repair boost you just add a few drops to your existing moisturiser.  It comes in a small bottle so doesn’t take any space.



I also pack lots of snacks that fit in the kids pockets and packs of mini tissues.  We go to Grand Hotel Kitzbuhel which I can highly recommend. I covered it last year if you are looking for tips on where to ski. (We paid for everything ourselves).

I also spotted the following pieces that you can wear Apres Ski – all the links to shop are on the pictures below!



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