Posted: June 12, 2018 7:53am

I seldom wear black in the Winter (feel like it drains me and am pale enough) but in the Summer, with a tan, it’s a different story.  I know that florals are everywhere but black is so much easier and more flattering to wear.  Not to mention you don’t see any spillages or fake tan marks!

Listening to my readers I also feel that there is a backlash against all the voluminous Demis Roussos tent like gowns.  Yes, I love them, but not everyone does. I have been keeping my eye out for some ‘proper dresses’.

This dress is a winner and I am shooting more next week in a similar vein.  As the sales are now around the corner it is one to have in your basket and swoop on once it gets reduced.  The fabric is beautiful and it is cut brilliantly to give a trim waist.


I adore the midi length and the tie detailing on the straps.  It is also lined and is not a beach dress – this is a proper Summer event/occasion dress.  It also has pockets!


Somerset by Alice Temperely
Somerset by Alice Temperley

You can also wear a bra with this dress (Instagram seems to have forgotten that the majority of people actually do have to wear one!) as the straps are wide enough, and it is cut high enough, so you are not left seeking a skimpy undergarment to hide under scraps of material.


Yes – this is a proper dress and the price point is fair at £160 but I am sure that John Lewis will be offering a discount very soon.


So, when did cotton dresses start costing £600 – £900?  It’s madness, but not to worry, they will land in the sample sales next year or in the pre-loved shops once the fashion pack have moved on.

If you can’t wait, the dress is online at John Lewis and it is from the fabulous Somerset by Alice Temperley range.  I am impressed by the range of dresses at John Lewis and below you can find some of the pieces I spotted as well as other pieces which are also worth taking a look at!

Sunglasses are Caolina Lemke which you can find at Westfield


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