Posted: December 13, 2018 4:49am

The more glitter and sparkles I see, the more I retreat to basics, such as simple cashmere and white t-shirts.

I dress for myself, but I know that when I see my friends, everyone looks best in a simple white t-shirt and a good pair of jeans.  Boring?  Yes, but true.

I hear so many people talking about white t-shirts.  It is important to find the fit that works for you and to do this you have to try them on; there are no short cuts.  Lots of my friends, who have bigger busts or are shorter, also have their t-shirts altered to fit.   Use the Clothes Doctor – they are phenomenal.

Lets start with the most basic; at £3.99 it’s also the cheapest and is from HANES.  I buy mine from Ebay.  Below, I am in a large, and the best one is called the Liberty.  I love the thick fabric and the lazy cut.

Hanes liberty from Ebay £3.99
Hanes liberty from Ebay – £3.99

Next up is The Cotton Story.  Most of the t-shirts are under £20 and they offer a myriad of shapes and styles.  Currently they have a pop-up on the Kings Road.  If you are petite they have lots of smaller sizes and I guarantee that you will find a style to suit, plus, they do men’s t-shirts too. Size up if in doubt.

The Cotton Story
The Cotton Story

I always size up with t-shirts, it just looks more flattering.

Next up is Victoria Beckham; I spotted her classic t-shirt on sale at Coggles, they are super luxurious and are now down to £45 – I have ordered one and will let you know how it looks when it arrives. ( love how she rolls up the sleeve)

vicotira-beckham-fashion11798540-7464604780688765 (1)

Next up is Livotte,  I adore the thickness of the fabric.  The Monica is my personal favourite and I would size up in this brand.


I know what t-shirt styles suit me and they tend to be crew necks which finish under my collar bone, with a boxy shape, plus, I like a looser sleeve.

I am happy to answer any questions that you have, just email me.

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