Posted: January 11, 2020 11:25am

I have been reading a lot over the holidays and have been particularly inspired by Nora Ephron; her pieces truly resonate.

An amazing writer, she wasn’t afraid to embrace everything that female maintenance entails.  The one thing that I was left with is to enjoy the moment and do what you feel is right for you to feel fabulous.

The problem is that there are so many many things being touted around as ‘game changers’, and they are all expensive, so finding treatments that actually make a difference to you is not easy.

If you look at all the older celebrities there isn’t a slack jaw, double chin or muzzle in sight!  This is down to the ULTRAFORMER.  It has replaced mini face lifts and thread lifts and best of all there is no downtime and it is done in an hour.

Spoiler Alert, it is expensive, it is down to the cost of the machines but it does work!

I massage my face every day with a FOREO and ODACITE and they have the short term effect of lifting but there is no long term improvement.

Anything that works with my own skin and kick starts it to work better gets my vote.  Botox and filler have a place but they do not make you look younger.  That is why something like the ULTRAFORMER is something I feel comfortable supporting as it is natural and just getting your own skin to work better.

The science is simple, radio waves penetrate your skin to different levels to get your skin to promote collagen production.  In my treatment we worked to remove the fat pads under my chin and lift the jaw line and jowl area.  What the ultrasound energy is doing under my chin is constricting the muscles and squeezing out the fat.  It also promotes the production of more collagen because the sound energy causes trauma which promotes collagen production.

The Ultraformer works at different depths to deal with double chins, fat deposits, jaw line slacking or under eye lines.

It does hurt!  It feels like someone is flicking your skin with an elastic band.  It also has an after effect and it feels like you’ve done a power lift with your chin!  I did ache afterwards but there was no down time.  There was a bit of redness after and my under chin area was tender for a couple of days.

You have to be careful to have an expert therapist as you may want fat removed under the chin but not from the cheek area.  In my case I want the cheek pads to be stimulated so that they lift.

My face looks so much tighter, my double chin is better and I definitely will have no need for filler as my cheek bones feel lifted.

Yes, it is expensive but it’s a game changer, and I just love the fact that it looks natural.

You can use the treatment on other parts of your body such as bra strap, thighs and tummy too.

The treatment costs £400 to £500.

I had mine done by Dr. Surbhi who you can contact on 07841 356 906

Check out my instagram TV for a live feed from the session !Under the circle with the Beauty ICON




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